New Hiyon 14 Installed at QTG

QTG have increased their production capacity & invested in a state of the art Hiyon V14 produced by Glaston Bavelloni. Both Independent glass & QTG have worked with Bavelloni and the team at GMS spanning 20+ years, this new investment is a continuation of the confidence they have with the machinery & aftersales that GMS offer.

The Hiyon series of machines have undergone several key changes & developments which allows them to perform at the highest of levels. The drive systems, machine structure and integral electronics have undergone major developments which provide extra levels of production enhancements and Glass quality. 

Glaston Bavelloni traditional innovation

Since 1946 Bavelloni are among a few companies that created the basic technologies for flat glass processing, Glaston Bavelloni has a unique tradition and vast experience in this field of development. Testimony to this expertise are the thousands of Bavelloni machines sold and installed all over the world.

With conspicuous and continuous investment in research and development, Glaston Bavelloni has decided to challenge all those who are only looking at the past by presenting new technologies and solutions, registering new patents and reaching higher performance and quality.

"Hiyon" a name that derives from the Phoenician god of glass processing, is the new series of straight line edgers by Glaston Bavelloni. The New features include a patented double drived conveyor system ,innovative grind&stop function, energy saving system, wireless connectivity, integrated electrical cabinet, automatic glass thickness detection and a modern touch screen.

These new features & technology are also now viewable on the glaston you-tube channel by using this link or follow the links page at the top of the screen.

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