Glaston 7

Glaston 7 - a true industry first ! A 7-year manufacturer's warranty and service package.

Available on all of Glaston's Processing machinery range, Glaston 7 provides complete peace of mind for you. All machines are periodically serviced and checked at regular intervals for the entire 7 years or 14000 working hours, whichever comes first.

Glaston 7 includes:-

  • 7-years / 14000-hour warranty
  • Servicing and calibrations every 1000 hours
  • Remote support and diagnostics via internet connection
  • Telephone support


Glaston has delivered over 20,000 glass processing machines to more than 100 countries during its 65 years of operation, and its wide product range includes diamond and polishing tools, cutting, edging, bevelling, drilling, and CNC machines.

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Glaston 7