Techni Waterjet exhibit at Vitrum

Glass Machinery Solutions have had a record year of sales of Techni Waterjet machines, in response to this Techni are exhibiting at the Vitrum Glass show in Milan Italy. They will be demonstrating the patented systems and unique technology that they offer to their customers. 

GMS are working hard with Techni to help further develop the brand, and drive sales in the UK. Techni have developed a specific waterjet cutting machine for the glass industry, and with the market leading technology in their highly efficient Quantum electro servo pump they easily have the edge over the competition.

Glass cutting is an ideal application for Waterjet. Without any tooling or set up changes you can go from cutting the most delicate led light glass, through to the strongest 100mm (4”) thick laminated bullet resistant glass. The very fine cutting stream (approximately 1mm or 0.040”) enables cutting of almost any shape, no matter how fine or intricate, with almost no load from the cutting process being applied to the glass, then as long as you can handle it, Waterjet can cut it.

Visit us Hall 22 stand B29 October 6th -9th and view this market leading technology in action.

Visit Techni for further details and information

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