About Us

Founded in 2010 by Richard Gerrard (former Glaston Bavelloni UK service manager) and Paul Goodman (former Glaston Bavelloni UK sales manager), Glass Machinery Solutions Ltd are the official distributors for Glaston Bavelloni, HOAF, Techni waterjet, abshot sandblasting machines, ForzaG watertreatment products, Dip-Tech ceramic printing, Deltarack, & Elephant lifting and handling products. 

We employ a number of former Glaston Bavelloni engineers, ensuring consistency for customers and maintaining the company’s valuable experience. We have considerable experience in the glass and stone industries, covering every aspect of the business including engineering services, operator training, product development and sales. We believe that we offer a service that is unrivaled in the UK, and our customers agree.

Glass Machinery Solutions Ltd also has partnership agreements in place with several other major machinery suppliers giving them a much wider range of products, including: - 

  • Digital Printers both UV & ceramic 
  • HOAF Laminating Kilns
  • Qdel laminating supplies (interlayers,foils and equipment )
  • Unit Lines
  • Washing Machines both Vertical & Horizontal
  • Lifting & Handling Equipment
  • Water Treatment Units


.. as well as the full range of market leading Bavelloni equipment, including: - 

  • Beveling
  • CNC
  • Cutting
  • Drilling
  • Edging & Double Edging
  • Seaming


Diamond Tooling and Spare Parts

One of the key changes to the UK operation has been the re-introduction of local UK stocks of both Diamond Tooling and Spare Parts, meaning goods will be delivered from a UK warehouse. This is an ongoing development and in some cases goods will continue to be supplied from our European headquarters in Italy.



Glass Machinery Solutions Ltd are committed to providing excellent levels of service and after-sales. We continue to provide the market leading Bavelloni service care cover giving its service cover customers priority service as well as discounted diamond tooling and spare parts.

The service care system has recently undergone many improvements including the introduction of GPS vehicle tracking allowing us to identify their nearest engineer providing customers with a much more efficient and effective service.

Finally with the relocation of the main office and service office to Rugby where most of the staff live, engineers can easily collect any service kits or spare parts required from our warehouse before visiting your site to complete work as you require.

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