Glaston Bavelloni

The Bavelloni NRG 330 is a 3- or 4-axis multifunctional work centre, designed to meet all glass and stone processing needs. It is suitable for architectural, furniture, shower door and interior design.

The NRG 330's high speed reduces processing times and increases productivity. Drilling, milling, edging & polishing operations are accurately and performed at high velocity, using the water cooled 15000rpm electro spindle and direct drive digital axis controls.

The patented power jet system allows the cooling water to be delivered to the optimum cutting point, significantly improving cutting efficiency and quality.

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Glass thickness 3mm > 30mm
RPM 15000 Rpm
Power 11.5kw 15.4Hp
Bed size 3300mm x 1700mm
Weight 5500kg
Feed speed 0 > 50mpm
Pressure 6 bar

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NRG 330