HOAF HeatBox


Would you like to start laminating tomorrow? Then the HOAF Heatbox is the solution.

The Heatbox is a unique innovation in the field of glass laminating, which makes investing in an expensive autoclave unnecessary.

Using one offers the following advantages: -

  • autoclave-free laminating at exceptional low rates
  • heat soak testing laminating with all types of foil (PVB, TPU, EVA, SentryGlas plus)
  • different thicknesses and shapes in one production run
  • production of safety glass according EN12600, EN12543 and EN356


The machine is delivered as a 'plug and play' device, provided with a training and starter kit. You can start producing your own laminated glass the day after installation.

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HOAF Heatbox
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  • Created on: 04/Jan/2012
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