HOAF TwinBox


The HOAF Twinbox combines the functionality of the Heatbox, and the ease of use of the Climatebox into a single product with a small footprint and an appealing price.

The machine provides autoclave-free laminating at exceptionally low rates. It is also usable for heat soak testing laminating with all types of foil (PVB, TPU, EVA, SentryGlas plus), different thicknesses and shapes, in one production run.

It produces safety glass rated according to standards EN12600, EN12543 and EN356.

The Twinbox is delivered as a 'plug and play' device, provided with a training and a starter kit. You will be able to start laminating glass a day after installation.

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Hoaf Twinbox
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  • Created on: 04/Jan/2012
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