HTL DYNAMIC are the series of horizontal glass washing and drying machines that guarantee high cleaning and drying performance. As Stand-Alone or Integrated solution, the machine can be provided with various options.

In its basic version the machine is supplied with:

• Motorized loading conveyor

• Three independent washing sections - six brushes (3 + 3)

• Independent rinsing section • Independent drying section - four air knives in Z-Pattern (2 + 2)

• Motorized unloading conveyor The available production range is from 2000 up to 3300 mm.

• PLC controlled with touch screen (TS) control panel • Wide use of high quality stainless steel «INOX AISI 304»

• Wetted parts made of stainless steel and anti-corrosive materials

• Independent washing, rinsing and drying sections

• Cylindrical, rectified and balanced nylon brushes with stainless steel axes

• Stainless steel tanks foreseen of immersion pumps (Wetted part stainless steel)

• Double water filtering system (Stainless steel flat screen and cartridge filter)

• Automatic water level control

• Stainless steel spraying bars provided of Vee-Jet nozzles to ensure the correct spray pattern

• Stainless steel transport rollers covered until extremity with vulcanized «NBR» rubber

• Transmission by conical pinions made of hard nylon with glass fibre on stainless steel shafts

• Stainless steel air knives

• High performing fan in insulated box with filter mounted onto sturdy frame

• Working speed up to 6 m/min. controlled by inverter

• Mill-metric glass thickness adjustment up to 40 mm

• Motorized lifting device upper part up to 500 mm by motorized screw jacks

• Noise level within the established standards values (≤ 80 dB)

• Reduced water consumption due to independent recycling flowing systems

• Easy access to water tanks and mechanical parts • Independent pre-rinsing section (Option)

• Eco-Save-System (Up to 70% reduced energy consumption!) (Option)

• Kit for Low-E Soft coated glass (Option) • Working speed up to 10 m/min. or more (Option)

• Machine manufactured by the foreseen CE / UL / CSA Norms

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