VTL 400 OT SUPER INOX Series - IWS INNOVATING WASHING SYSTEMS - Washing - Glass Machinery Solutions



A series of innovative vertical glass washing and drying machines that are specially designed to be installed on straight line edging or bevelling machines.

An Ideal solution for the cleaning of edge/bevel residues and cerium-oxide.

The machine is composed of:

• Independent washing section - two brushes (1 + 1)

• Independent drying section - two air knives (1 + 1)

The available production range is 400 OT (Open Top)

• Wide use of high quality stainless steel «INOX AISI 304»

• Wetted parts made of stainless steel and anti-corrosive materials • Independent washing and drying sections

• Cylindrical, rectified and balanced nylon brushes with stainless steel axes

• Stainless steel tank for water recovery with discharge valve

• Stainless steel spraying bars • Manual adjustment glass thickness up to 50 mm by rotating hand-wheel with indicator

• High performing fan on sturdy stainless steel frame • Noise level within the established standards values (≤ 80 dB)

• Control panel with push-buttons • Easy access to water tanks and mechanical parts • Kit for Low-E Soft coated glass (Option)

• Machine manufactured by the foreseen CE / UL / CSA Norms

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  • VTL 400 OT SUPER INOX Series