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INTEC Series

Techni waterjet

Every Intec Waterjet cutting machine is supplied as standard with Softec Waterjet Cutting Software, which has been developed by Techni Waterjet with two goals in mind: - to cut parts at the minimum cost with the greatest accuracy, and to have a simple and intuitive interface with the operator.

The result is a comprehensive, all-in-one Windows-based software package specifically designed for waterjet cutting. Softec incorporates many unique features, including: -

  • DXF import
  • focusing tube wear compensation
  • offsite notification
  • multiple origin points
  • maintenance counters
  • automating part clearance
  • standard object library
  • re-start cutting from anywhere


Intec machines help maximise your productivity, and anyone with PC experience can learn to use Softec's software quickly and easily.

The Intec series models include: -

  • Intec 35
  • Intec 510
  • Intec 612


Click here for Techni Water-Jet videos on YouTube

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