Techjet Series

Techni waterjet

The Techjet-X2 series are the latest machines in Techni's range. All models in the series are precise, easy-to-operate, safe and highly reliable waterjet cutting machines.

Techjet machines incorporate linear scale feedback to ensure the highest accuracy of motion in the industry. By mapping the entire cutting area with a laser-calibrated digital encoder, the motion system can deliver positional accuracy of 0.0005" (0.01mm).

The Techjet features: -

  • linear encoder feedback with laser-calibrated mapping
  • submerged cutting for almost silent operation
  • fully enclosed bellows to completely protect the bearings and drive system
  • stainless steel apron to protect the machine when loading/unloading
  • power z-axis
  • precision stainless steel band drive - smooth movement at rapid speeds with extreme accuracy
  • Tech-Sense monitors the cutting head, and pauses the program prior to any blockage, making 'lights-out' operation a reality
  • AT2010 controller with MPEG feed wheel
  • crash-sensing breakaway head
  • high or low pressure cutting and piercing
  • self-diagnostic alarms window
  • localised controls
  • rotating control panel with retractable mouse pad

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  • Created on: 30/Aug/2011
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