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T6 Mini


The T6 Mini FV is a manual centrifuge for removal of glass slurry and powder.

This basic model is designed to be placed directly onto the waste tank that any grinder is equipped with. From the tank, contaminated fluid is pumped into the centrifuge and after being purified falls back to the tank.

GMS offer a comprehensive range of non-chemical water treatment systems manufactured and developed by ForzaG Italia.

Waste water treatment is becoming a priority for all glass processers, as it offers a range of cost savings, benefits and performance enhancements.

The T6 Mini offers the following features: -

  • is derived from the commonly known T6M, and is an excellent entry level product suitable for all straight-line edgers and bevelling machines
  • fitted directly onto the tank at the rear of the machine, removing the requirement for extra floor space
  • new stainless steel replacement water tanks can be fitted as an option
  • water is purified to within 5 microns
  • made from full stainless steel
  • standard 18 month manufacturer's warranty


Key benefits of water treatment: -

  • mchinery lifetime improved
  • no chemical additives
  • improved tool life and consumption rate
  • improved product quality
  • maintenance costs related to cleaning the tanks are dramatically reduced
  • environmentally friendly process (95% recycled water) - no hazardous waste collections


Further information can also be found at www.forzagitalia.it

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ForzaG T6 Mini