The T72 is a much larger, more powerful version of the T48 solid/liquid compact separation system

The system is based on the higher-capacity T15r0A automatic unload, and features two hydro cyclone tanks.

The space required for this system is approximately 10m².


Components: -

  • centrifuge-type T150A manual unload
  • electronic control board with display interface
  • PLC and modem
  • painted cyclonic tank for dynamic sedimentation model
  • second 10000-litre cyclone tank (separated)
  • tank to recuperate the processed fluid
  • pumps to feed centrifuge
  • pump to feed the cyclone with processed fluid
  • electronic pump, range 0-4 bar
  • pneumatic valve to feed fluid to be processed
  • levels control
  • trolley with holder for sludge bags
  • piping connecting all components
  • exclusion: piping from and to the system


Technical features: -

  • overall size: (L)4800 x (W)2400 x (H)3800mm
  • weight: 3000kg
  • electric power supply: 20.5Kw (3+n+e) 400V - 50/60Hz
  • pneumatic power: ¼ Gas 6 bar


Operating features: -

  • compressed air pressure range: 6 bar
  • throughput of process fluid: 1200 litres/min
  • solids holding capacity: 11 litres
  • maximum size of particles input: 5mm
  • particles separated to: 5 micron
  • maximun process fluid temperature: 74 °C

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