Glass Machinery Solutions supply spare parts and consumables for a wide range of machines. Your business depends on the reliability of your machine - you can trust GMS to deliver what you need, when you need it.

All our parts are manufactured using high quality materials and made for optimal performance in all our equipment. We make use of specially selected original (OEM) parts because of their proven performance, which makes GMS your first choice in providing the right part for the right application.

We have many spare parts on stock and ensure the shortest possible delivery time. We can also offer you the optimal spare parts package for your basic service needs. We will inform you of the spare parts you should keep in stock in order to guarantee certain parts are immediately available. This results in the shortest possible interruption of your uptime, thus getting the most out of your investment and maximizing the performance of your equipment.

We have a team of logistic spare parts coordinators that will help you in efficiently handling your spare parts needs, whether an individual part is concerned or a spare parts package.

Contact our Technical team here Service@GMS 

Spare parts