Carrymate Non-Slip Grips

Carrymate Non-Slip Grips protect your hands, prevent back strain and help improve your productivity.

They are available in three span widths: -

  • Carrymate 5 (capacity 0-80 mm) - £125 per pair
  • Carrymate Senior (width 40-120 mm) - £150 per pair
  • Carrymate XL (capacity 80-160 mm) - £165 per pair


Each grip can lift up to 100Kg, and they are sold in pairs.

They are suitable for transporting difficult to handle items such as windows, security/fire doors, sheet metal, plywood, building elements, fencing, counter-tops, PVC, solar modules/collectors, packaging, façade panels, natural stone, paving slabs, curbstones, and much more.

Carrymate Non-Slip Grips