Service Contracts

We pride ourselves on our first class service and after-sales, and have more than 200 machines covered by service agreements in the UK alone.

Before each requested service we discuss any matters that require attention so these can be rectified during scheduled visits. A service kit which includes recommended spare parts is provided for each service, and is replaced during the visits if required. 

This is the basis of our pro-active maintenance, and is an investment not only for a machine's lifetime but helps GMS build a trusted relationship with your business.

Our contracted services are based on 2 visits per year, and consist of an average of 6 work hours per machine per visit. Visits are performed as per our OEM programmed maintenance sheets, and provide professional servicing and calibrations to critical areas of the machinery.

After each service visit, we will discuss your ongoing requirements with you, with the aim of proactively fulfilling your servicing needs for each machine.

Contracted customers get preferential treatment in breakdown situations, as well as various other benefits. 

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GMS Ultimate Service Care